gran turismo sport aerodynamics setup gt

Step 1: Adjust initial downforce


Downforce Level
Adjust the force with which the air current produced by the speed of the car
are used to push the car down towards the track. Increasing this value allows
for more downforce, but will reduce the car’s maximum speed.

Downforce setting in GT Sport is no rocket science. Set maximum values
to add grip where you need it. Front wing must be always maxed out on
tracks and roads, you can play with rear wing to help turn-in and have little
oversteer. Set it to minimum values on straight line races or ovals where you
need maximum speed.

General rule: ​on FWD and 4WD cars you can lower rear wing downforce,
this will help general handling

Gran Turismo Sport – Setup Builder 1.0

GTSport aerodynamics and downforce